Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Episode 7 - 2011: The Heavy Hits & What You May Have Missed!

The New Year is here and the End may be near...

... But before we explode into 2012, let us first reflect on the year that was.

The Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
Carla Azar - Tomorrow Never Knows [Feat. Alison Mosshart]
Wanda Jackson - Rip It Up
The Kills - You Don't Own The Road

Electric Six - Psychic Visions
Dum Dum Girls - Always Looking
Chris Thile & Michael Daves - 20/20 Vision
The Strokes - Taken For A Fool
The Black Belles - The Wrong Door
Arctic Monkeys - Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

The Raveonettes - Ignite
The Vines - Weird Animals
Amanda Palmer - Map Of Tasmania [Feat. The Young Punx]
CAKE - Mustache Man (Wasted)
Primus - Moron TV
Boots Electric - You'll Be Sorry

Wild Flag - Racehorse
Boris - Riot Sugar
Planet Of Zeus - Macho Libre
Jane's Addiction - Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Black [Feat. Norah Jones]
The Black Keys - Money Maker
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Immigrant Song [Feat. Karen O]
David Lynch - Pinky's Dream [Feat. Karen O]
Björk - Dark Matter (Scales)
Tom Waits - Hell Broke Luce

Further Listening...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Episode 666 - Christmas With The Devil (Devil Music, Vol. 1)

Ah, yes... The Holidays: a busy time for everyone, filled with cheer and excitement. It's been a busy season and for many, a very busy year. Even a diabolical radio DJ can find himself caught in the crossfire. But that time has nearly elapsed, as a fresh New Year grows ever closer. Nevertheless, Rock 'n' Roll is timeless and it cannot by constrained by a clock or a calendar. More importantly, Rock 'n' Roll is the Devil's music! With that said, take a moment to join Dead Air in tribute to the dapper demon who made it all possible. Referred to by many a moniker, He's one Hell of a groovy guy. He's the Devil, Baby... and this, right here, is real raucous Rock 'n' Roll.

All hail!

Dead Air Lives! - Episode 666 (12/24/12) by DannyDuoshade

Robert Johnson - Preaching Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)
The Rapture - The Devil
Electric Six - Devil Nights
Electric Six - Another Song About The Devil
Boris - Akuma No Uta

Eagles Of Death Metal - Chase The Devil
Eagles Of Death Metal - Kiss The Devil
Burning Brides - Dance With The Devil
Les Claypool & The Holy Mackerel - Highball With The Devil
Modest Mouse - This Devil's Workday

Beck - Devil Got My Woman
The Beatles - Devil In Her Heart
Electric Wizard - Devil's Bride
Rob Zombie - Devil's Hole Girls & The Big Revolution

Robert Johnson - Me & The Devil Blues [Alternate Take]
Clutch - The Devil & Me
Marilyn Manson - You & Me & The Devil Make Three
Buck Owens & His Buckaroos - Satan's Got To Get Along Without Me
The Melvins - Laughing With Lucifer At Satan's Sideshow

Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville
Turbonegro - City Of Satan
Acid King - Evil Satan
Orbital & Kirk Hammett - Satan
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Satanic Boom Boom Head

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Episode 5 - Autumn Shade: The Fall Free-For-All

As leaves fall from the trees, we're forever free to do as we please.

Dead Air Lives! - Episode 5 (11/25/11) by DannyDuoshade

Slip into the Autumn Shade... before Winter wanders in to take it all away. This week's program is a bountiful feast, thoroughly exciting, to say but the least. Of course, like anything else, it tastes better when it's free... so free it must be! It's free for all, as we wave farewell to Fall.

The setlist has fallen like leaves below... Revel while you can and prepare for the snow.

Firewater - Before The Fall
AFI - Fall Children
Rage Against The Machine - Ashes In The Fall
Razorlight - Fall, Fall, Fall
The Hives - Fall Is Just Something That Grown-Ups Invented

Ted Nugent - Free-For-All
The Vines - Get Free
Black Mountain - Stay Free
Turbonegro - Stay Free
Electric Six - Free Samples
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Free Devil Jam

The Kinks - Set Me Free
Velvet Revolver - Set Me Free
The Black Keys - Set You Free
Grinderman - I Don't Need You (To Set Me Free)
Rage Against The Machine - Freedom

Mondo Generator - F.Y.I'm Free
Morphine - I'm Free Now
Awesome Color - Free Man
The Cream - I Feel Free [BBC Session]
Jimi Hendrix - Freedom

The Vines - Autumn Shade I-IV

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Episode 4 - Death Is In The Air

Welcome to "Dead Air", indeed...

Dead Air Lives! - Episode 4 (11/14/11) by DannyDuoshade

As Winter's chill begins to inch ever closer, the cold hand of Death grasps for us all. If you recall... we've previously awakened the Dead and now, we must join them. While Death speaks not a word, Rock 'n' Roll speaks volumes. From the Blues through Psychedelia, the End is well catalogued.

The proof is below... Six dark feet below.

Ralph Stanley - O' Death
The Modey Lemon - Slow Death
Rob Zombie - Death And Destiny Inside The Dream Factory
Motörhead - Killed By Death [BBC Session]
Beck's Record Club - The Black Angel's Death Song

Dub Trio - Who Wants To Die?
Mondo Generator - I Want You To Die
The Avett Brothers - Die, Die, Die
Jack White & Alicia Keys - Another Way To Die
The Hives - Die, Alright!
The Dead Weather - Die By The Drop

The Stooges - Death Trip
Marilyn Manson - The Death Song (A: Of Red Earth II)
The Misfits - Death Comes Ripping
The Beastie Boys - Instant Death
Valient Thorr - Sudden Death Is Nothing

The Raveonettes - The Beat Dies
Beck - Dead Melodies
Jethro Tull - Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll, Too Young To Die
The Ramones - Too Tough To Die
Eagles Of Death Metal - Already Died

Beck - Death Is Coming To Get You
theSTART - Death Via Satellite
The Riverboat Gamblers - Death By Stereo
Yukon Ho! - Death Takes A Holiday
Son House - Death Letter

Friday, November 4, 2011

Episode 3 - The Halloween Countdown Concludes... Pt. III: Zombies, Ghosts & Monsters

The "Day Of The Undead" is upon us...

Dead Air Lives! - Episode 3 (11/2/11) by DannyDuoshade

Well, Cooties and Germs... We've reached our inevitable end. The show isn't over, but this program couldn't be more dead.

Our Countdown has perished...

The moon went down, the vampires shriveled... The cauldron's boiled over and the demons have fizzled, but before we bury Halloween, we just can't ignore the terrifying power of the zombie hordes. Furthermore, do not underestimate the grave nature of a ghastly ghost and do not defy nature directly, lest you wish to meet a monster.

The setlist lies below, but don't be silly... Your defenses can't hold. You just can't beat them, so come join the dead and you'll never grow old.

Southern Culture On The Skids - Zombified
The Cramps - Zombie Dance
Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures - Zombie A Go-Go
The Company Band - Zombie Barricades
T-Bone Burnett - Zombieland

Valient Thorr - I Hope The Ghosts Of The Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - Ghosts Are Everywhere
The White Stripes - Walking With A Ghost
Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks [Live/Acoustic Version]
Gorillaz - Ghost Train
The Von Bondies - Vacant As A Ghost

Rob Zombie - How To Make A Monster [Kitty's Purrrrformance Mix]
The Ramones - Makin' Monsters For My Friends
Soul Coughing - Monster Man
Living Things - Monsters Of Man
The Stems - She's A Monster
Gnarls Barkley - The Boogie Monster
The Desert Sessions - Monster In The Parasol

Roky Erickson & The Aliens - I Walked With A Zombie
White Zombie - I, Zombie
Phantom Planet - The Living Dead
Clutch - Ghost
The Budos Band - Ghost Walk
The Misfits - Monster Mash [Single Version]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Episode 2 - The Halloween Countdown Continues... Pt. II: Witches & Demons

Welcome to a world where witches have gone wild and demons dance in style.

Dead Air Lives - Episode 2 (10/22/11) by DannyDuoshade

This week, the spookshow continues as we add two new creatures to our creepy cast of carolers. First, we'll conjure up a recipe for disaster with a group of ghoulish witches. Then, it's all down hill from there as our very own demons decide to drop in and destroy all earthly expectations.

It's an eerie incantation of epic proportions. Don't forget to sing it loud!

... And should you wish to revisit our recipe, stare at the spellbinding setlist below...

The Sonics - The Witch [Alternate Take]
Southern Culture On The Skids - She's My Witch
Karen Elson - Season Of The Witch
The Lollipop Shoppe - You Must Be A Witch
The Chants R&B - I'm Your Witchdoctor
Clutch - Witchdoctor

Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today
Wolfmother - Witchcraft
Electric Six - We Were Witchy Witchy White Women
Jethro Tull - Witches Promise
Lions - Witch And The Star

The Raveonettes - Demon's Fire
Deep Purple - Demon's Eye
White Zombie - Demonspeed
The Amazing Crowns - Little Demon
Sweatmaster - I Am A Demon And I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Fu Manchu - Webfoot Witch Hat
Rob Zombie - Virgin Witch
Egypt - Dirty Witch
Queens Of The Stone Age - Burn The Witch

Gorillaz - Spitting Out The Demons
Phantom Planet - Demon Daughters
Electric Six - Electric Demons In Love
Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures - Dr. Demon & The Robot Girl
Kyuss - Demon Cleaner

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dead Air Is GO !!! Episode 1 - The Halloween Countdown Begins! Pt. I: Werewolves & Vampires

Brothers and sisters, Dead Air is Go! ... And just in time for Halloween.

Dead Air Lives - Episode 1 (10/11/11) by DannyDuoshade

The first in a series of ghastly programs, this week's broadcast schowcases an epic battle between two of the worlds most fearsome creatures. In the "Blue Jeans" corner: Werewolves... and the "Blood Red" corner: Vampires. That's right! The showdown of the century is here and with Rock 'n' Roll as a backdrop.
Who will win...? You decide!

Gander at the setlist below...

Southern Culture On The Skids - Werewolf
The Pretty Things - The Moon Is Rising
Wolfmother - New Moon Rising
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
The Ramones - Howlin' At The Moon (Sha-La-La)
The Strokes - Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

Arctic Monkeys - Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong, But...
Bumblebeez 81 - Vampires
Burning Brides - Vampire Waltz
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee

Captain Beefheat & His Magic Band - Blue Jeans & Moonbeams
The Cramps - I Was A Teenage Werewolf [Original Mix + False Start]
Rob Zombie - Werewolf, Baby!
Rob Zombie - Werewolf Women Of The SS
Jack Drag - There Was A Moon That Could Shake
The Born Losers - Werewolves On Wheels
Soda & His Million Piece Band - Moonlight Drive
The Doors - Moonlight Drive [Studio Out-Take]
The Zutons - Moons & Horror Shows

Zacherle - Dinner With Drac
Gorillaz - Dracula
André 3000 - Dracula's Wedding [Feat. Kelis]
Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain

Haze XXL w/ Jon Spencer - Inbred Vampire/Techno Car Chase

Dig it!